bombs away!

this was such a fun shoot. we took the seamless outside and used sunlight in a studio like setting, but the best part was playing with the colored smoke bombs. check out the whole shoot on the SA MAG BLOG or pick up the issue today.

the glitter and the glam

as the year ends its time to think about how to sparkle. if you have it you wanna flaunt it and if your working on it, now is the time to kick it up. Im planning a big explosion of inner sparkle for 2012. BRINGIN' IT!

blue skies

gotta soak up the sun while we still can! and while your at it soak up the jewel tone trends! yumm.

winter blues

seasonal depression is real. and in order to combat the depression try layering your self in beautiful fashions like these. enjoy more of these images San Antonio Magazine


master stylist....
another of my favorites this years. inspiration 70's disco. strong shape and lots of glamor.

retouching is a bitch

my job always seems romantic until you tell some one about retouching. i spend days in pajamas starting at pores and chin hair.

by george

By George these models look yummy. My latest ad for By George featured in Tribeza Magazine

vintage is the new black

An amazing workshop came to the randsom center this october. I have been practicing recreating ambrotypes in photoshop, and now i can master the real deal. can you tell the difference?

fashion can be cruel

what can I say we're in texas.
fur and leather is trending for fall. you know I like to keep current. check out the most recent editorial for San Antonio Magazine

bathing suits year round in this part of town

super sexy swimwear for super sexy people. Enjoy my photo's in their look book and website. Bandita Couture

global warming is real

fall couldn't come any sooner. we are melting in austin texas and not just cause the fashion is hot hot hot. shooting fall trends in 106 degrees is not fun, but at least it lets us pretend. wanna get away? at least in your imagination...TQPHOTO


HOLY MOLY!!! So proud of Jackson Ruiz Salon and Clarissa Luna for taking home the awards this year. Best Salon Team of The Year and Make Up Artist of the Year! our winning entry!

cross your fingers

actors have the oscars, foot ball has the super bowl, hairdressers have the prestigious NAHA AWARDS watch tonight at 8pm, and support our team as our team competes for best salon team and best makeup artist. cross your fingers!

back to the future

im loving the new 60's trend. dramatic eye makeup and hard graphic patterns make for head turning beauty.

yee haw

behind the scenes of this months cover shoot for San Antonio Mag

boys boys boys

check out this months story "one for the boys" in san antonio magazinewe got the cover story and a little fashion editorial inside.

b scene

The Blanton Museum invited one of my favorite stylist Brandy Joy Smith along with 3 others to style a model inspired by a piece of art being featured at the museum. here is my interpretation of Richard Pettibone’s Marilyn Monroe by Warhol.

Model: Annika White of the Campbell Agency
Hair: Liz Nevin of Jackson Ruiz
Make Up: Megan O’Neill of Keep Austin Gorgeous
Clothing from: Kick Pleat

duh winning

Big thank you to my peers and everyone involved in Austin Fashion Week. I'm honored to receive the Best Photographer (Editing) award!


viva las vegas

here we come vegas!!!! we have been nominated for team of the year and makeup of the year. what what?!!?!?!? a big thanks to the Jackson Ruiz Team and Miss Clarissa Luna for taking us all the way to the finish line.

spring showers

floral trends in full bloom. alla TQPHOTO

canadians are nice and have great taste

everyone knows that canadians are nice, but who knew they had such great taste. the proof is in the pudding. we won!!! 2011 CANADIAN HAIRDRESSER MIRROR AWARD

everthing's bigger in texas

big hair is what hairdresser ana castro is into. here is just a little taste of what she can do.

hollywood stars

for this months san antonio magazine editorial, we were asked to do a play on hollywood icons. can you tell who's who?

baby its cold outside

in texas it snows, when pigs fly and last week for a day. so finally the coats came out out of the closet.

in the nude

fall leaves and a nude wardrobe. we photographed model alexis at my favorite restaurant in austin, parkside check it out in this months san antonio mag.

just showing off

who knew that hair dressers journal was such a big deal in the hair world. i didn't. but now that i know i can be even more excited and proud to show this hair editorial spread off.

little ponies and big ones too

nothing could be better than shooting with miniature ponies.... except maybe shooting with my crew of fashion divas, we were told to wear boots because of the snakes but i don't think they meant knee high ones with 3 inch heels.

only the best

for this months San Antonio Magazine, our team got to work with the best of the city. our muse was the beautiful (inside and out) tv reporter, shelly miles. i heart her.

little black dress

the creative team took san antonio's editors title from the shoot, "little black dress," and ran with it. first thing that came to mind was, bar, then night, and last, sultry. so although we shot mid day in a bowling alley, we still got the sultry. a little dark and a little sexy, its october best month of the year to wear your little black dress.

clean and classic

with the help of amazing wardrobe stylist, brandy joy smith we threw modern day makeup by maris malone calderon and hair by allen ruiz on vintage inspired wardrobe and the results were clean and classic. i love it.

role reversal

according to my stylist Brandy Joy Smith, mens wear on women is in for fall! im loving it personally. I love the tall boots, and cardigans. yummy. can we get some fall weather too!